Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why does my helix piercing randomly looks like its about to 'swallow' my jewelry?

I got my helix piercing eleven weeks ago. It was doing perfectly fine until about 2 days ago. Until then, it didn%26#039;t even hurt or anything. Well yes, I got it done with a gun.. stupid I know. But yeah, what%26#039;s done is done. Anyways, now its suddenly really swollen and hurts to lay on. Its very swollen and looks as if its about to swallow my piercing! Anybody with any advice would be nice :)






What exactly is a pore? and what makes it differnt from pimples/zits?

if you look on some products it will say %26quot;cleans deep down tothe pores%26quot; i always wondered what a pore is .. and is it different then zits? or is it another word for a zit?
What exactly is a pore? and what makes it differnt from pimples/zits?
Ask Your Dematolgist
What exactly is a pore? and what makes it differnt from pimples/zits?
your face has little holes in it, i guess that%26#039;s the best way to describe them.

and your pores are those little holes.

they let your skin breathe but if you don%26#039;t wash your face or let your pores get clogged up, you get a zit.
Reply:pores are holes
Reply:i always thought a pore was little holes where sweat comes out of
Reply:tiny holes
Reply:ok, i%26#039;m a dermatologist and pores are little holes in your face, when u see a blackhead that means u have dirt in one of your pores and when you have a pimple that mean you have puss in your pores if you look closely in the mirror you can see your pore.Zits are when maybe you used a product that your skin isn%26#039;t used to or maybe your skin is oily and your not

washing your face corectly
Reply:Humans breathe in two different ways - the first way is through your lungs, the second way is through your skin. There are tiny, tiny openings all over your skin called %26quot;pores%26quot;, these allow for a small amount of oxygen exchange, for the blood vessels close to the surface of your skin. Pores become clogged with dirt and oil, which is what causes pimples, zits, acne. The reason that most products clean deep into the pores, is to prevent acne by making sure dirt doesn%26#039;t get trapped in your skin :).

I have tattoos and im 18, is it destined to be ruined when im in my 40s?

I work at a restaurant, and i see all these older people with terrible looking tattoos, i dont want this to happen to mine, why do their tattoos looks so bad
I have tattoos and im 18, is it destined to be ruined when im in my 40s?
For some older people their skin thins out and tears easily. It depends on how well you take care of your skin. I got a tatoo when I was 18 and I am in my 40%26#039;s now and the only difference in my tatoo is that the color has faded some but not much. It also depends on how much exposure your tatoos get from the sun. Just take care of your skin and you won%26#039;t have any problems.
I have tattoos and im 18, is it destined to be ruined when im in my 40s?
It%26#039;s probably cause when they had it done, technology wasn%26#039;t as good or the artist doing it wasn%26#039;t very experienced/talented. I should expect your tattoo will remain intact. But when your 40, you might have regrets about them.
Reply:I%26#039;m also 18 and I have 7 tattoos right now - my chest, my wrists, my forearm, my shoulder/bicep, my hips, and the back of my leg.

Most people ruin their tattoos by stopping aftercare once their healed. Even after your tattoo has finished the healing process, you need to wear sunblock on your tattoos when you%26#039;re in the sun, avoid tanning and long-term sun exposure, careful in chlorine pools, and always make sure to be careful washing it in the shower.

All of those things can fade your tattoo, so to keep it in good condition, take good care of your skin! Don%26#039;t stop taking care of your ink just because it%26#039;s healed!
Reply:I turn 42 in a few weeks.

Yeah, avoid the sun. Even sunblock only slows the damage, so just avoid it entirely or at least severely minimize exposure. This is good for you skin in general, not just the tattoos. Don%26#039;t smoke. CNN had an article a while back that even irregular smoking had deleterious effects similar to tanning.

Those two are the worst things that you can do, and for most people the hardest things to avoid. %26quot;It%26#039;s just a little sun%26quot; becomes a regular thing, and then 10-20 years down the line you have a load of wrinkles and smeary ink.

Aside from that, don%26#039;t binge drink, eat right, get enough sleep and have a normal regular exercise regimen. There probably will be some softening of the tattoo over time, but the extreme blurring is mostly sun %26amp; smoking.

You can get the work touched up if the blurring is annoying; cheap, and pretty effective.
Reply:it all depends on the persons body. back in those days ink wasn%26#039;t like it is now. also time does take its toll on ink if your in the sun or not taking care of yourself. any thing else if you need to just go get it touched up if need be. also just take care of them too.
Reply:Where is your tattoo?

If it is placed in an area that sees a lot of movement, then, yes. It will distort if you gain or lose weight, if you skin starts to sag or if you move around a lot (if it is on your side).

Also, the sun is now your enemy. Don%26#039;t go tanning. The sun will make it fade and blur and in 30 years even you won%26#039;t be able to tell what it is.

Now you will need to get in shape and stay that way. It is best for your skin to stay hydrated and not to have a lot of fat underneath. At least, if you want your tattoos to look good for a long time.
Reply:Well it depends on who does your tattoos and how you take care of your body.I have lots of tattoos,the first one I ever got was done over 20 years ago and it is not awful looking.It%26#039;s a little faded but I think it depends on also what you get.If you cover your entire arm with lots of blue,black and such,Then yeah when you get older it might look like melting smurfs..just really depends on how you age and how your skin holds up.
Reply:cause they got a crappy artist, and probably never used sunscreen. wear it everyday and they will always look cool.
Reply:Yes boob head

How much does it cost to tattoo entire body?

A lot?
How much does it cost to tattoo entire body?
It depends on where you go, what you want, where you want it, etc. Full body tattoos take years upon years, and thousands upon thousands of dollars.
How much does it cost to tattoo entire body?
Depends on how big you are.
Reply:Your reputation and your dignity.
Reply:In the thousands, I would guess.... not to mention the time it would take.
Reply:HMM...wow..why? the entire body?
Reply:I would imagine in the thousands... and a very long time at that..
Reply:anywhere from 60-500 thousand dollars.
Reply:hundreds of thousands over your life time because you will never be able to get a real job. Have fun being a garbage man the rest of your life.
Reply:okay frist of allwhen you say you entire body do you mean your privates too your just going to give tatoo artist a hard on
Reply:WELL R U A MIDGIT OR A GIANT?......=D nahh probably a few thousands?
Reply:you do realize you cant get it all done at once? its charged per an hour, so if they charge 拢65 an hour the you%26#039;re looking at quite a few thousands pounds,maybe a lot more
Reply:I asked a similar question to a guy who was at the SF Body Art Expo a year or so back. If you have work yourself, especially if it%26#039;s non-trivial, they tend not to react with a look like %26quot;what do you think, dumba**?%26quot;

He was in his fifties and had been getting work done since his early 20s. He admitted it wasn%26#039;t constant and really couldn%26#039;t give me a precise answer, but believes it was on the order of a nice sportscar. He didn%26#039;t elaborate much beyond that, so I%26#039;d hazard a guess that it was into six figures.

Since he studiously avoided the sun, even the work that was decades old still looked good.

One thing - he didn%26#039;t have %26quot;complete%26quot; coverage. It stopped more or less at his ankles, wrists %26amp; above his neck. He had some stuff on his toes %26amp; fingers, a little on hit feet %26amp; backs of hands, but not that much. If he wore a nice suit with a pair of opera gloves, you%26#039;d think he was some rich tycoon. I saw the car he drove to the expo... he might just be that.
Reply:sever grand. just think about 100 bucks an hour to do work done and depending on how detailed you want it the more it will cost.
Reply:It is expensive, but the first thing you should do is find an artist that you like and trust. Look at their portfolio, when you find an artist whose art style matches the look you are going for, talk to them. Tell them your plan. They may be the type that wants to power it out in a few marathon sessions, or they may want to do a little bit every few weeks or once a month . . .

I am working on a full backpiece that has taken almost a year at this point. I go in at least once a month and get a little bit more done. At this point I have paid probably $3000.00 and he has worked for many hours on it.

You should make friends with your artist. Mine tattoos me for free occasionally.
Reply:don%26#039;t tattoo your body you will regret it latter plus you can get AIDS or HIV.

Tanning help!!?

okay, i am really white and i want to get tan! what should i do, i know i can go out in the sun, and i have been doing that but it doesnt look like its working. If anyone knows what i should do please tell me!
Tanning help!!?
usally tanning oil and setting out in the sun for about 25 mins work but use the right tanning oil im very white too but my tans gettin there ;) good luck!
Tanning help!!?
Although I%26#039;ve never tried it, tanning oil apparently works.
Reply:layout in the sun! trust me itll work
Reply:For all information and details about tanning please check out http://use-tanning.blogspot.com/
Reply:go to a tanning bed

it works good

and its pretty fast results
Reply:i got a spray tan and they look really real.

but the only problem is you can%26#039;t go in chlorinated pools or it goes streaky.
Reply:You may not have been tanning enough.

Definitely try tanning oil and sitting out in the sun everyday for about a half hour to an hour at least. Even after doing that everyday, it could take a couple weeks to develop a noticeable, steady tan.

There are other, quicker options. I wouldn%26#039;t recommend fake tan sprays or lotions...they tend to look really fake and cheap.

But you could try a tanning bed or a professional spray tan at a tanning salon. Both produce quicker results and look flawless (if not overdone, of course).

But if you still want to stick to laying out in the sun, it%26#039;s all about using a good tanning oil and sitting out for a good amount of time each day consistently.

Reply:You use tanning oil, but its a little more complicated than that. Because you are so white, you don%26#039;t have a base tan. That takes the longest. Once you do that, you%26#039;ll be good. But you may not tan as dark as you may want if it%26#039;s in your genes. Always remember though, the sun is a powerful thing, don%26#039;t abuse it.
Reply:I would try a tanning bed, you lay in it for up to 20 mins and it will tan you just as good as lying in the sun for hours!! Plus you can by a tanning accelerator and that will help. However a tanning bed is just as harmful as the sun, and if you dont tan well outdoors its not likely that you will tan well indoors.
Reply:Hey I had the same problem I was so pasty white and then summer came around and I wanted to wear shorts and I did%26#039;nt want to blind people. So I decided since the sun was not working and I did%26#039;nt have enough time to lay out in the sun. I got a membership at the tanning salon and I use the jergens touch of sun every other day and now I have a beautiful tan and always wear shorts.

Belly Button Piercing Still Red.....?

I got my belly button pierced a week ago today. Is it still suppose to be red? I am kinda worried that it might be infected:s

What are some signs of infection?

Also, I am going to Cuba two weeks today.. should it be alright by then?

Thanks so much!
Belly Button Piercing Still Red.....?
Clean It real well I Shoud Be Fin Before you head off to cuba
Belly Button Piercing Still Red.....?
it will prob be okay by then it depends on how quick it will heal really a week after yeh id still expect it to be red make sure you clean it and dont do what i did and play with it that makes it take longer to heal because its more infection try to only touch it when cleaning and avoid really perfumed soaps on it too
Reply:look on google
Reply:clean it!

I'm thinking about getting a tattoo. I want meaningful lyrics from a song.?

Maybe dave matthews band

bob marley

goo goo dolls

something like that.

Maybe something about love.

Any suggestions!
I%26#039;m thinking about getting a tattoo. I want meaningful lyrics from a song.?
maybe you should listen to their songs and pick out something that means something to you personally. we could rattle of lyrics all day but i think if you%26#039;re going to scar your body for life you should find something that really means something to you!
I%26#039;m thinking about getting a tattoo. I want meaningful lyrics from a song.?
Don%26#039;t get a tattoo!

Do you like the same songs, the same things you liked in 3rd grade? You won%26#039;t in a few years either and the tattoo will still be there.

They are a really dumb fad... take care of your body... you will live to regret a tattoo... guaranteed.
Reply:I agree with the first answer to your question. The words are something that has to mean something to you. It is personal expression and it should be something you like, not something that we tell you that you have to get.
Reply:i like the chorus to the red hot chili peppers song %26quot;under the bridge%26quot;...

%26quot;I dont ever want to feel

Like I did that day

Take me to the place I love

Take me all the way%26quot;
Reply:%26quot;living is easy with eyes closed..%26quot;
Reply:i have the perfect lyrics........

u ready.....




DA DA DA DA DA (dont no this bit.......)



and then underneath u could have tha meningfull word....TAAAAAADAAAAA! =]
Reply:u can do watever u want buttt think again about getting a tatto those things are DANGEROUS and u can get sik from it..so thik again
Reply:this is the most awesome lyrics ive ever heard %26quot; The Only Never Thats For Sure, Is The Never That You%26#039;ll(you) Never Know%26quot;
Reply:a lyric should really stand out to you. find a song and a lyric you fall in love with. dont just get any :)
Reply:I like EJ%26#039;s reponse, very true to life...

The beauty of music is, we all can place a song(s) to a certain time in our lives.. good or not so good

Choose carefully, it all comes down to which one means the most to you....

there are many beautiful and meaningfull lyrics out there..

Good luck...
Reply:Green day - wake me up when september ends

# The Innocence Can Never Last#

but its your tattoo, so think about a song that really impress you.
Reply:conal gallons song %26#039;horse it into ya cinthia%26#039;

youre the onions on my burger, youre the sugar in my tea,

horse it into ya cinthia, youre the girl for me

ha ha ha ha ha ha
Reply:shut the **** up that is so ***** retarded get something that you will actually be proud of and can show off to people seriously i have 7 tats and half of my angel wings on my back done each one has a story and was an experience my sugggestion is to get something thats not ****** gay like get some real artwork instead of gay words and dont be a pansy get it where people can see your stuff cause that is what ink is all about you got it for a reason so show it to people not on your ****** shoulder or somewhere ;like that